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YOGA Classes in Lower Brailes, Warwickshire, OX15 5JA

One-to-one and small group classes available - from £40 - Make an Enquiry

Tuesday18:30 - 20:00All Levels Book
Thursday19:00 - 20:30All Levels Book
Friday9:30 - 10:45Starting 23rd September Book
Saturday09:00 - 10:30All Levels Book

What style of yoga do you teach?

The classes are based on the Ashtanga Primary series. It is a strong and dynamic class but if you stay with a steady and even breath and work steadily you will come deeper into the positions with each class.

What are the benefits?

Work slowly and steadily and your confidence, strength, flexibility and overall feeling of wellbeing will improve. The more you practice the better you will feel and the greater the benefits!

Why book a one-to-one session?

If you have an injury, need to strengthen or retrain a particular area then private lessons are great as they can be tailored directly to your needs and at a time to suit you.

Will I be adjusted?

Yes, adjustments are a great way to correct poor alignment or to take a student deeper into a position. Of course if you do not wish to be adjusted then just tell the teacher before the class starts.

Why is there no Beginners Class

Classes are small and mixed ability. A lot of time is taken to ensure beginners feel comfortable with the positions and practice safely. A student learns through repetition of the sequence and positions. Over time the body opens and strengthens so it is a reqular attendance in class which will lead to a familiarity of the sequencing of the class and allow you to come deeper into the practice.

Do I need to book a class?

Yes please book for your first session. It helps me to plan in advance for the class. You can either use the booking button on the timetable above or text or email me.

Want to find out more - read Kate's experience of yoga in Brailes from her first class to her experience two years later and still practicing!

What student's say about the classes!

"Unfit 78 year old in a yoga class? No way! I didn't want to join a class, but one-to-one yoga sessions with Angela are working wonders. I feel much fitter and more supple – and now really look forward to each time I go."

"Angela is a fantastic yoga teacher and never expects you to bed yourself into an impossible posture. It's amazing how much my strength, balance and flexibility have all improved. I feel very relaxed and invigorated after every class."

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